april-oct 2016 report

Ministry report of April-Oct 2016

What an awesome year so far! As I am sitting home resting and having just returned from a big trip in Australia I reminisce about all the beautiful and amazing miracles that have taken place in this eventful and glorious quarter! 2016 has been a year of expansion and transition! In the month of December we made a decision under God’s direction to move to Dallas. Since we moved to Dallas we have been blessed with immeasurable favor. Two months ago we launched our home church and we have been so blessed to see what God has been doing in the lives of precious families that have been attending “Revival Epicentre Church.”

The last five months have been quite productive for AAIM. God has opened great doors in new cities and nations around the world!  We have seen the hand of God moving in extraordinary ways! Over the last few months we have felt God’s favor at a new level. I would like to share with all of you a number of faith and amazing stories, which have taken place over the last few months as we traversed the planet! We are thankful to God for all the marvelous victories and breakthroughs witnessed in all these ministry events!

We started spring with producing fruit for the Kingdom as we went ministering in many cities and states across the USA. During this month, I was able to attend a great event in California, where more than 70,000 believers prayed for America during the celebration of “Azusa Now.” It was refreshing to see so many believers praying in one accord! Around mid-April I went down to Costa Rica where I had the opportunity to minister at Kingdom Takers Church, a thriving church led by “Dr Guido Luis Nunez.”  The meetings were glorious as we reaped a great harvest of souls and many healings took place. At the end of April, we went down to Matamoros Mexico where I ministered at a large church in the heart of the city. Matamoros has been known over the last few years for the amount of crime and high index of murders due to the illegal drug cartel activity and the frequent confrontations with the Mexican army. Praise God the atmosphere is changing and revival is piercing through the darkness!

This church has more than 1000 members and during the morning service we had a great revival meeting where many souls came to Christ along with a demonstration of powerful and creative miracles.

May was an awesome month, where I was able to speak in several states in the U.S.  Powerful revival meetings were held in many cities such as: Terra Haute, IN; Columbus, IN and Indianapolis, IN. After such a glorious week in Indiana I headed up to Calgary Canada. This was my first time in Calgary and what a blessed time it was! Many congregations came together to celebrate the church anniversary with Ps Ricardo Escobar. Many people were blessed and touched by our heavenly Father! At the Airport in Calgary God arranged a special meeting where I was able to meet Heidi Baker. I was never expecting that but God made it possible while waiting at the immigration checkpoint. What an awesome King we serve! After a great time in Canada I flew to California where I reunited with my family and together we all flew to Australia!

What an incredible tour in Australia we had! God did awesome exploits and manifested His glory in supernatural ways. Our first week Rebekah and I flew down to Adelaide, South Australia. We can say that it felt so good to have this time alone just for us while Rebekah’s parents looked after Carielle. When you don’t have a babysitter at home and you live halfway across the world you learn to really enjoy these times! This time it was for Rebekah and I and we thoroughly enjoyed it!  We were so blessed by our amazing friends “Ps. Mark and Michelle Baker and their incredible ministry team, who made us feel at home. On Sunday morning we had a blast as the Holy Ghost poured down His glory at “Life Church” in North Adelaide. From Adelaide, Rebekah went back to Perth and I went for a short trip to Sydney. There I spoke at the CRC church in Nowra City with Ps Malcolm and Jill Taylor. For two nights in a row we had REVIVAL! Despite being a national holiday and a Monday we had a full house of hungry folks, who were so ready to receive!!   They were not let down as these meetings were off the charts! Right after these meetings I flew back to Perth and ministered in several churches for great friends who have amazing churches!

 Our last week in Australia was spent in Melbourne where we were able to catch up with really close friends and also minister in their churches. We ministered almost every night as God filled up every space in the calendar and hundreds of people were reached and touched by the Holy Spirit in all these meetings!

Summer started in full swing and we had an awesome start in the US. The first week of July we drove from Dallas to New Orleans. After driving 9 hours we got to our destination happily and safely. We had such a fun time with Ps. Rod and Mary Aguillard. We stayed at their house in Reserve, LA. We enjoyed so much our fellowship and their advice. It was so good to glean from their wisdom. Ps Rod is the senior leader of a very pro-active and pro-kingdom pastors network in the U.S of more than 100 churches. After such a beautiful time with this couple we drove down to Pearl River, LA where I spoke at New Jerusalem Church. What an awesome time under the presence of God! Many people with back and neck injuries were healed, including a guy whose leg was evidently shorter than the other one and after praying for him it grew a few inches in front of us. This brother reported that he felt better and he felt like someone was pulling his leg. God never stops to amaze me…His miracles are indescribable!After such a busy few months we had a few weeks break and on the first week of August I flew to Los Angeles where I ministered in several churches. 

After having a glorious time in Los Angeles, I went back to Dallas to be there for the launching of our church. Revival Epicentre Church was birthed on Wednesday Aug 10th! We had a very anointed meeting where we worshipped and celebrated Jesus! Since then we have been meeting at our home and at a meeting hall on and off over the past few weeks. We know that church planting can be challenging especially when you are breaking new ground and starting from scratch, so we appreciate your prayers as we keep building in the north Dallas area.A week after the launch, I flew down to Monterrey Mexico where I spoke in six different meetings organized by “Agua Viva Church.” A fast growing church in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, approximately three hours by car from Monterrey. The Sunday meetings were explosive and thousands of people were ministered to, healed, and set free! The miracles that took place during these meetings were astounding! The presence of God filled every meeting and one could feel how His glory filled the auditorium during the worship time! More than 100 souls came to Jesus during all of these services over the weekend. It was quite a heavy schedule but worth it! God was glorified in a city that was wrecked by heavy crime and violence in the past. God is indeed writing a new chapter in this city’s history as revival is transforming the neighborhoods and breathing life upon the whole region!

Revival meetings in Europe.....amazing days!

After we finished in Mexico, I headed to Chicago the following week, where I had an awesome time preaching at Water Life church with Ps. Manny Brambila. September was a very busy month as we came to Miami and then a week later we were off to Europe. The first week of September we started in Poland. I flew to Prague and then we drove to Klodzco (about 3 hours drive) where I spent a full day ministering. God moved mightily and many people were healed of different injuries. The following day we drove to Wroclaw where I spoke at one of the largest Pentecostal churches in the city. I believe we had about 200 people in the meeting and what a Holy Ghost party we had that morning!

We witnessed a lot of miracles and even people who had chronic pain were healed! All throughout the following week my travel partner “Jerry Conway” and our translator “Billy Plenabeck” travelled with me to different towns and cities in this province preaching the gospel and seeing revival break out in several churches. What we sometimes take for granted in our Pentecostal world these folks never take lightly! We had such a busy program but filled with signs and wonders! I had meetings every day for six consecutive days! What I found astonishing was the level of hunger among the people and their faith and expectation during the ministry time. We had such a blast of God’s power moving through the young and old! It was such a refreshing time where many were healed, saved, delivered and reached by the powerful message of the gospel!

After crisscrossing the beautiful Polish country we headed back to Prague, Czech Republic. In Prague I had the privilege to speak at the “Kingdom Conference” hosted by Oasis Church led by Ps. Festus. The conference was held at one of the main hotels in the city and delegations of people began to arrive from all over Czech territory and even from Poland. I had the blessing to be the opening speaker of the night. Close to 500 people packed the auditorium and the sweet presence yet strong presence of the Holy Spirit was felt from the moment they started singing the first song to the time when the meeting was dismissed. You could hear the outcry of God’s people in this nation for revival! It was so refreshing and inspiring to see the believers in one of the most agnostic countries of the world not bound by the framework of the system but rather worship with so much passion and freedom! The place was literally shaken by the power of God and many people were touched and ignited by the flame of

At the end of our tour in Europe after seeing God move mightily in Prague, we flew to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam we drove to Emmerloord “about 2 hours drive from the airport.”

That weekend we were hosted by “ Living Water Church,” led by Ps. Freek Van Otterloo. On that Sunday God showed up and showed off! We had an AWESOME meeting where many creative miracles took place and many people were given prophetic words. One of the miracles I can recall was a young girl who was walking with a crutch and was unable to bend her knee and walk properly due to an injury she sustained in an accident. The power of God came upon her and she let go of her crutch and began to walk normally. With a look of amazement in her face she was telling me that all the pain was gone. What a marvellous God we serve.

He is indeed the best physician in this world! The meeting was translated simultaneously in 4 different languages as we had many refugees visiting the meeting. Some even came for the first time and some were Muslims! When we did the altar call some of them came to the Lord and many of them heard the gospel of grace for the first time. I felt like I was at an assembly of the United Nations; people from every background and walk of life was there on that morning. We had such an outpouring of the Holy Ghost to the point that people didn’t want to leave after the service being dismissed. Most of them were sitting praying, worshipping and enjoying what God was doing in the meeting! The next day Jerry and I parted ways, he went home to Wisconsin and I flew back to Dallas.

Meetings like these remind you of God’s unwavering desire to see the nations impacted with the gospel. Times like these remind you that there is hope in such dark and evil times we live in. The gospel of hope and revival is the solution for a broken world! We feel the urgency to keep spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching as many people as possible in the new year of 2017. So far we have many invitations to places like Dubai, Sierra Leone, and Pakistan. I am so excited to hear that in Pakistan our teachings are being translated to Farsi and other languages. Through ISAAC T.V. we are reaching thousands of people in the Middle East! This is the hour to reach the unreached and cast the net, as there is a huge harvest out there that is reaped and ready to be collected! Would you help us continue spreading the gospel around the world? Would you pray today to become a monthly partner and sow into our ministry a seed for the New Year? In a few weeks time I will be turning 29 years old and next July I would have been in ministry for 19 years. God called me at the age of 11 and since then I have been willing to go to every nation and town where many are unwilling to go! Today I am praying for an army of 200 partners who are willing to sow a seed of $20 a month and today I would like to invite you to join our ministry and support us as we continue taking the gospel around the world. When you think about it, this is less than $1 a day but what this seed would do is far more than what you can imagine! There are many open doors for our ministry in 2017 and even for public crusades but without the resources we can’t GO!

We pray that you have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season with your family and loved ones. Let us know how we can pray for you by filling out our prayer form on our website. If you would like to follow our ministry on social media we invite you to like our ministry page and that way you can get our updates and pray for our ministry and family.

There is so much more that needs to be done in our hurting world. We want to continue to bring healing and salvation to the lost and the hurting in 2017.

We would be blessed by your prayers and support!

Yours in Christ,

Alejandro, Rebekah and Carielle Arias