Grace is the creator’s gift!

Grace is the creator's gift!

Eph 4:7: But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.

Grace is a gift given by God to all of us believers! It’s not a license to sin but a privilege so that we can walk into the presence of God on a daily basis. In these times we are living in we have the biggest challenge to confront the wrong teaching of hyper Grace or as many of us refer to as “Cheap Grace.” The term has nothing to do in relation to price as grace it’s a God-given gift that men cannot purchase and therefore It is freely given as a resource rather than as an entitlement. Grace cannot be abused or used to justify as a lifestyle that is not pleasing to God- our father. As a father of two girls, I have learned so much about my Heavenly Father and his love for us. Carielle is the oldest one and as a 5-year-old, she is funny, extroverted, playful and temperamental, she has flair!

On the other hand, my little Celeste is just a newborn who is cuddly like a koala and who prefers to wrap her tiny arms around you all the time. I would love to talk about my two girls more in detail but let me share with you how God has shaped me as a father in dealing and walking this beautiful journey of parenthood with my first daughter. As you all know, parenthood comes with no pre-training or learning manual to avoid all the dos and don’ts in fatherhood. It’s a journey that brings out the best and the worst in you but which ultimately will lead to maturity and personal development. It’s in this journey where you quickly stumble upon moments where you realize how weak our humanity is and when often you have to face the reality that we are all born sinful even when we have the cutest face or smile. My daughter has penetrable eyes and her cuteness is often overwhelming. I know I am biased to say that but she is a very creative and imaginative five-year-old. Nevertheless, I still remember that day when she said her first lie and my world shattered in pieces. How can a four-year-old lie and be cute at the same time? As a preacher and parent, I was confronted by this and it was a rude awakening to re-examine what I will be breaking down in the next few chapters where I will be talking more about the seed of iniquity and its inception.

I remember that day when my wife and I had to confront her and ask her to tell us the truth. After we explained to her what lying means and what consequences she will face if she didn’t tell the truth, she felt convicted and told us the truth. It was heartbreaking to see her little face turn remorseful and deeply saddened because she realized she had done something wrong. We as parents had a choice that day of disciplining her or show her grace but instead, we showed grace. However, grace is never given with no consequences. Sin will always have consequences attached whether we are forgiven and shown grace by our Heavenly Father. As parents, we decided that she needed to learn a lesson and this time we were going to give her a consequence instead of using the “holy spoon.” I know some parents may disagree but discipline with love brings correction and edification. That day we put this kingdom principle at work and through that experience, God taught me so much about grace and how grace is manifested even in our own family. Grace is a beautiful gift, value, principle, core value, key, and foundation to a life of forgiveness and redemption. Without it our families will be dysfunctional, our marriages will be wounded and our kids will be exposed to our anger instead to the God-given grace that can often repair strained relationships with one simple act of love and forgiveness. How many times have you had to show grace to your spouse because he left his underwear lying in the bathroom floor or dirty dishes in the sink.....pause for a minute and take a deep breath.....because the answer will be “MANY” and that’s exactly what happens if we want to to keep a healthy marriage or a working relationship. Often we will have to show grace everyday....but how can we show grace if we don’t embrace grace or understand how God show us his grace. In this book is my prayer that you will understand how our Heavenly Father has given us this unmerited gift so that we can build a strong and more solid relationship with Him every day. Thus we will become better parents, spouses, and friends because if we know HIM, then we will also know His Grace and we will be able to administer His grace to whoever we come in contact with. If we are filled with His spirit it’d be impossible to keep a grudge or allow resentment take a foot in our hearts as grace will clean our hearts every day when we understand the beautiful work Jesus did on that rugged cross when He died for all of us and when he opened and revealed the enigma of grace!