Overcoming fear!

Fear is not just a spirit that can cripple your ability to do things in life but is also a hindrance that will take the joy out of those experiences that are meant to be great. The enemy can rob you of the most significant days of your life using fear as a weapon by keeping you hostage by not allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest. For example, a family outing at an amusement park may not be the fun-filled day that is hoped for due to the fear some have of speed rides. This experience can lead to a lack of connection and enjoyment with their family. Day by day fear will rob you of the most meaningful moments in life. Would you settle for a life filled with fear? Will you be another victim of fear? You are probably wondering, how can I break free from the curse of fear? Well, my friend as I explained earlier in this book the blood of Jesus carries the power to set us free from the curse of sin but our personal relationship with God and our daily encounters with God will be the absolute key remedy to heal you completely from the evil epidemic symptoms of fear. God’s love casts out all fear! 1 John 4:18

As you develop a personal and solid relationship with God you will find that in this life journey He will address all the insecurities in your life. If you are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, He will make them visible to you just as a scientist seeing bacteria through a microscope so you will be able to gaze into your own heart what areas are affecting you and what are the predominant fears that are driving you down. The more time you spend with God the easier it would be for you to pinpoint those areas that have been damaged by fear. As you form a close bond with the Holy Spirit you will realize how easy it would be for you to identify your weak points. We are all vulnerable in the presence of our creator and we can never hide from HIM what we store in the deep vaults of our heart. Great men of God have struggled with fear too since the beginning of recorded civilization. One of these great patriarchs I would like to refer to is Moses. Moses or Moshe was for many years one of the elect sons of Egypt. Even though he was born to a Hebrew family, his parents placed him in a basket so that an Egyptian family could look after him as they feared for his safety. God knew what Moses’ destiny was so he made sure that one of Pharaoh's daughters found him wrapped in leaves placed in a basket floating in the Nile River. From that point, fear got a hold of Moses and from a young age, he acquired a strong stutter.

After fleeing Egypt and while wandering around the wilderness he climbed up Mount Sinai and there had an incredible encounter with God. While he was standing there awestruck, seeing the burning and non-consuming bush, God spoke and called him to become the long-expected deliverer of the Hebrews. As the bible mentions the nation of Israel remained in captivity for more than 400 years. While they were in Egypt they were brutally overworked and abused. God’s people had been praying for the Lord to deliver them from the cruel hand of Pharaoh. Gen 15:13. While Moses was having this awesome time with the Great I am, God commissioned him to lead his people out of Egypt. While the two were in conversation Moses is quickly reminded by his flesh that he is incapable of fulfilling such a great assignment due to his stuttering. During this heavenly encounter, God reassures him that he was not going alone but that his brother Aaron will be accompanying him in the journey. To allay his fears about what to expect God gave Moses a taste of the supernatural by asking him to throw his rod to the ground and it became a serpent.

He was then asked to pick it up again and it went back to being a rod. God was showing him from that very moment that no matter how intimidating public speaking was he was going to do well because of his supernatural backing. God’s presence permeated the ex-Egyptian prince who was herding sheep at the time. As God walked the journey with Moses his confidence levels increased and his fears faded away after seeing God strike the Egyptians so severely that it almost destroyed the empire. Moses walked with God and before God. His lack of public speaking skill due to his stuttering - which was fear generated - dissipated as his walk with God increased. Later in life, we see a strong leadership persona develop leading more than two million people (not counting women and children) out of Egypt on an incredible journey.

An encounter with the Father is the key to find your path to freedom! God wants to set you free from all fears and phobias. It does not matter how long you have been battling your fears or how ingrained they may be in your life, Jesus can help you overcome any fear today as long as you surrender to him. He will unlock the hidden potential in you and reveal your true identity. This would ensure that you and your family achieve great success in your God-given destiny. Are you ready to break free from fear today?